We are John and Edit Crabtree, a husband and wife design team. Simply put, we are two peas in a pod that loves love and loves people.  Easy peasy!  We are florists of course…and then some.   You can find us making concrete chargers or painting custom pillows or designing folders because we love doing it.  We dabble in anything creative and inspired that will make our clients excited to be on a team with us; to actualize a uniquely styled and crafted event all for them.  This makes our hearts sing.  This gives us purpose: to bring joy, beauty, collaboration and community into their lives for a moment in time.  This is our chance to pour out love, and we will take it!


We are here with open arms to be the burden bearers of your vision.  We truly want you to enjoy your most beautiful day as well as the time leading up to it.  We are completely happy making those detailed decisions of every flower that goes into your design, or the exact shade of your table runners so you can spend time doing what you love- life!  We are built for this so you can be free to revel in this special season to its fullest. 


Here are a few things we are wholeheartedly passionate about:

Our family.  Much like your family is to you, our family is the most important thing to us.  We treasure our time together and love watch movies and enjoy the beach or the mountain in our free time. 

We have a little man named Sammie that is the apple of our eyes and our joyful inheritance.  You may spot my mom, Maria (or Anya meaning "mom" in Hungarian) helping me at weddings.  She is our greatest fan and we adore her.

Community.  Wonderful things happen when we work together and collaborate.  For example, we try to harvest and utilize flora from local farmers as much as possible to support one another in this little place we call home. It is our joy to grow each other as we grow together.

Design. Form, function, structure and most importantly beauty is our core. This will never change. This is what keeps us awake at night dreaming and feeds our souls.  

Freedom. Freedom feeds creativity. For any artist to thrive, freedom must be afforded them to grow, stretch and climb to new heights.  You cannot venture into unique without freedom. It is the backbone of creativity. We hope that you can trust us to make magic with you!

Love. We love, love! We are so happy to walk with you in your wedding season to support the root of your event, love. We want to help you in any way that we can to ease your heart and mind in the design of your wedding and so much more. Please let us know how we can be the best support you need.  We are here to dream with you so let’s dream a little dream together!



John & Edit


Edit comes from the beautiful, overlooked country of Hungary.  Most people need this bit of information because her name is so unusual.  Her parents and her older brother immigrated to America when she was 8 years old. She is definitely the visionary, the far reaching dreamer of the crew.  She’s the one that will stay up all night to make paper peonies and design menu cards. She is definitely dedicated and will work tirelessly to help make your wedding unique.

Edit’s technical background in the arts is photography.  She was a photographer and then a wedding photographer for 12 years before becoming a mommy to a beautiful boy, Sam.  Taking a break from photography, she helped friends with their wedding and loved it; from the design, problem solving to the rush of the deadline.  She thrives on the creative license to create an atmosphere wrapped in drama, color, texture and most importantly, hospitality.  

After several weddings ranging from 35 to 200 guests and some itchy fingers to create, Feather and Fern was born.  

You will find Edit watching romantic period movies (always with a positive ending...yes, Jane Austen), foraging for flowers and foliage, and most importantly, spending as much time as possible with her loves.


John is the other half of Feather and Fern. He is a poet-warrior and an artist. He can sketch or paint anything into being. He is a creative, kung-Fu master at listening, collaborating, problem-solving, making things 10 times more beautiful, tying up loose ends, keeping us all focused and so much more. 

His education is in business management, but his creative talents are just as extensive and well-rooted.  He loves to build (quite the Lego collector), is a gamer and loves movie.

He is an amazing encourager at ALL times and hates limitation- the dream killer. He is highly detailed and can make any rabbit trail relevant.  He loves to help people feel loved, heard and supported.